BreakDance classes [all levels]

BreakDance classes [all levels] taught by Bboy Gambit starting 26 february 18:30-19:30


Come join the Break Dance Bootcamp workshop, taught by Bboy Gambit, to learn the basics and fundamentals of breaking at a pace that a complete beginner can learn.

You will learn the importance of proper technique, strengthening footwork exercises, flexibility and mobility routines for power moves, Top Rock musicality, and warmups exercises that safely prepare the body to learn moves. However, do not be fooled! The basics can be tough, so let’s break together!

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Your teacher: Etienne “Gambit” Sakouhi
“Fail Forward”

Etienne (28) started dancing early 2009.
His styles include: Breaking, Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, Jazz, and has levels of training in other types of dance.
During his time in the United States, Etienne danced competitively with The Lost Boys dance crew and taught as a Hip Hop instructor for N’ertia Dance Company. He has been a contestant at competitions such as World of Dance, The Battle Grounds, and local gatherings around the Dallas Fortworth Metroplex. Etienne also was contracted with Party Time Productions performing at venues including the American Airlines Center.
While serving as a United States Marine, Etienne spread dance everywhere he went.
He performed in a local Dance Festival in Honduras, cyphered with local BBoys in Luxembourg, received traditional African Dance training in Ghana, and held Dance lessons at various United States Embassies for locals around the world.
Etienne currently dances with First Impression Dance Studio in Luxembourg, and is a mentee of the BastiArts/Falcrow Mentorship program.